The Lover of My Soul

I have a Lover. From every mountaintop I will declare it. I have a Lover! I am a lover. I am loved and love.

We unite as only lovers can, simultaneously giving and receiving. My offering is meager compared to His, but He accepts me with such compassion. The softness of His eyes for me reveals it all. We are committed. Growing in union. He knows me and consumes me. I give Him everything. Nothing hidden.

All of our senses are caressed by the other: I, a fragrant aroma to Him; He, the Majesty before my eyes. Weak-kneed, His beauty overwhelms me. My spirit breathes deeply in His Presence and my entire body responds in worship. I fall to His feet in awe.

O to say aloud: my Beloved is mine and I am His. My unending desire. My prize. The reason I was made. How my soul longs for more of Him. What joy! What purpose I have! Love created me to love; to love Him, above all.

I have a Lover. He is the Lover of my soul. He knows my most intimate thoughts and all my ways. Past, present, and future. Fully known and fully loved. His grace washes over me. His love purifies and cleanses me. I am whole with the Lover of my soul.

What excites me most is the pleasure He takes in the love I offer. I am His lover! He calls me by name. He calls me in the nighttime and leads me to His refuge. He calls me when the sun is high and leads me to His well. My Beloved, who never leaves me, His desire is for me. I feel the warmth of His breath as He whispers, “You are altogether beautiful, my darling, And there is no blemish in you.”

I have a Lover. My heart overflows. How can He love me? I can hardly believe He chose me! He wants me! I lift up my head and open the door to my heart and soul. I open the door to my Beloved knocking. Come in, O Radiant One. Come in, O King. Come in, O Lover of my soul. Remain with me. Help me remain with You, my greatest desire and satisfier of all my needs. I am Yours.

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