Inch Forward

This season, I have traveled through the valley under the shadow of death. But as I’ve walked and sometimes crawled, God has led me forward. He has not been concerned with my pace. Only my progress. An inch is an inch forward. An inch is worthy of great celebration! Who can count the times God has toasted to an inch! Do you know the joy of an inch?

Now, I am pushing through the briars and the thickets of this dark wilderness. Light, my ever present guide, is ahead. I feel the breath of freedom on my face. I am coming through! I have broken through! Like a child walking for the first time, I strive for the arms of my Father. There He is. Arms outstretched with a smile that draws me toward Him. I am coming!

Hand in hand we walk as He reveals where I’ve come, where I am, and where we are going. We are going together. We have always been together. My God, my God who has never forsaken me! You are all that matters. You are the promise, the hope to which I anchor my soul.

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