Thoughts of the Cross

When I sit in the silence of my prayer closet, I discover in great surprise each time that I am not alone. The Most High, the Maker of the Heavens and of Earth, the Magnificent Lord of All draws near. How can it be? The Greatest of Greats in my weak and humble state. Breathe deeply. Every breath is not only by the grace of God, but is a gift of His presence–an intake of His Spirit into mine. From the beginning He breathed life, His Spirit, into humanity. Into eternity. He’s still breathing.

When Jesus breathed His last breath on the glory of the cross, I breathed my first. His Life became mine while mine became His, purchased by His pain and suffering–the Passion of the Cross. What a divine mystery! The miracle of the Gospel of Jesus, my Lord.

From the anguish of the cross, He looked deep into my soul and professed His love to me amidst my rebellion. How could I resist those eyes, those tears of love? Together we weep. I weep for His pain; He for mine. I weep for His love; He for mine. I weep because I am unworthy of Him; He because He sees my worth to Him. I weep because He chose me; He because I chose Him. My tears are tears of freedom–the beginning of life and life to the fullest. This is why He came (John 10:10).

O Lord, I profess to You. . .You have my full attention. I devote my life to your apprenticeship. May Your beauty be ever before me as You bring me into deeper intimacy with You.

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