Lady Grace

Behold, who is that fair lady across the way?

What perfection have my eyes set upon!

Her form, the essence of elegance; her face, more beautiful than the brightest star.

So white. So pure. So lovely.

If only she would glance in my direction.


I wonder how she smells; how she might feel.

What I would give to be near her!

To taste the peace of her presence.

To know the safety and warmth of her bosom.

Oh, that she would bless me with her smile.


Like a swan she glides amidst the crowds.

See how she captures their attention; her very being scintillating.

How high this magnificent woman! From heaven she has surely fallen!

Here she does not belong. Sadness seeps into my spirit.

How dare I hope for her.


What could bring Exquisiteness to this vile place?

Surrounded by muck and grime, hawkers and the impoverished.

Yet, how white her dress remains as the dust swirls about.

What must she think as she beholds the unlovely around her?

May she never look upon me.


Yet, what do I observe! This cannot be!

She stoops to embrace those reaching for her.

Into their eyes she looks. No filth does she see.

With tender purpose, she offers herself to each one.

Her soft lips caress their bowed heads.


What is this?

What transformation is taking place before my eyes?

What power has this gentle woman?

How can she change what is unclean to clean?

Can this be? Is she looking at me?


She glides straight toward me.

I look around. Where can I go? Where can I hide?

Shame overtakes me and I kneel to hide my face.

Fear and trembling as she approaches.

“Forgive me, for I am unpresentable before you.”


Her fine fingers lift my chin and I see her face-to-face.

Those penetrating and beautiful eyes dissolve all fear and insecurity.

“I see you.”

What music her words! The song of freedom.

Comfort and hope envelop my fragile form.


She draws me to my feet and intimately close.

I feel the warmth of her breath; her lips upon my face.

All weight dispelled, I collapse into her embrace.


I am washed.


“Fair Lady, Fair Lady, do not leave me,” I cry.

She softly whispers, “I am always available. Call upon me as you need.”

As she begins to move, I cry out again. “Fair Lady, Fair Lady, what be your name?”

She turns to me with a generous smile and mellifluously replies, “Grace.”

I fall to my knees in reverent joy for I have seen and now know the beauty of Lady Grace.

Thoughts from the Bride

Below are a collection of thoughts I had while meditating on “the Bride of Christ”. What could be more romantic?! Lover and beloved united. I am His bride and I rejoice as He rejoices over me! No matter the darkness that surrounds me, the Light of His Love is unfailing and always leads me deeper into His arms. There is no other place I long for more. O, how I love Him!

He left His Father’s house in search of me. 
In search of me, He came.   
He has come. He is coming!
I see Him on the horizon, shining. 
Shining for me. 
O, how I love Him.

He asks for my hand and offers me His name. 
To me! To me, He gives Himself. 
I say yes! I say I do!
I am His. His bride.
Together we dance and sing. 
O, how I love Him and He me.

I rejoice greatly in My Lord. 
My soul exults Him. 
He clothes me in garments of His salvation. 
He wraps me in His robe of righteousness. 
I am clean, pure, dressed in white. I am redeemed. 
O, how I love Him!

The perfection of His love casts out all fear. 
Building myself on His faith, I remain. 
His love sustains me. 
And He who is able, keeps me from stumbling.
I stand on His arm with great joy, blameless in His glory. 
O, how I love Him and He me!


In His Strength, I rest.
Eternity’s song on my lips. 
Shine in me, O Radiant One!
Send me, O Merciful One!
I will proclaim Your name and unending grace!

I declare to the nations: You are My Father, my Brother. 
My Husband, my Lover. 
My Protector, my Provider
My Creator, my Healer. 
My Savior, my Redeemer. 

You are the Lion, the Lamb.
The Sacrifice for all.
Raised from the dead. 
You are the Living God. 
You are Life Eternal. 


How freely You give Yourself to me!
How freely to all.
I stretch out my arms. Come, O Holy One. 
Live in me. Teach me Your Ways. 
O, how I love You!